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As the founder of Chilli, I’d like to personally welcome you.

Having cut my teeth in various account and senior management roles, I noticed something about corporate learning. Traditional “training” was seriously stale and could be so much more effective. I noticed more and more that I was stuck in a classroom, being talked at instead of actually developing my skills. Not only was it boring, it produced limited results for the companies I was employed by.

I knew something needed to change. Learners weren’t feeling heard or unified. One size didn’t fit all anymore.

I decided to create Chilli. A different approach to the development of sales teams, sales leaders and experienced executives from SMEs to Blue Chip. An approach with human beings at the centre. An approach based on learning and sales psychology that helps those human beings reach their potential and to grow personally and professionally.

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Over a decade on, the secret sauce is working.

We believe in a ‘listen first, speak later’ approach and this is shared by all the skilled consultants at Chilli. It allows passion and creativity to lead the way in challenging preconceived ideas.

We want Chilli to bring back the spark and the fire to your training. Something that will help you achieve the long-term, sustainable results you need.

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It’s always been important to us that your teams not only benefit from excellent training, but ongoing resources too. Our Chilli learning hub is full of insights and useful information you and your teams can use to improve your day to day - creating the big impact we all want for our businesses.

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We wouldn’t be practising what we preach if we weren’t always striving to learn and develop Chilli. Our can-do attitude has led to achievements that we’re incredibly proud of.

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At Chilli we achieved our Carbon Positive goal in 2021. Find out more about what is next to us here.

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