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Presentation skills training for anyone and everyone

At some point in a career, everyone will need to deliver a presentation. Whether formally in front of a large group or one to one around a coffee table; we all need an ability to present our message effectively.

By learning the art of outstanding presentation, you will gain confidence and tools to maximise every presentation opportunity and get the power of your message across.

‘A friendly, relaxed approach made for a great learning environment. Came away feeling positive and able to put into practice the techniques I had learned’.

Strategic Account Manager


Wherever you or your team are on their presentation skills journey, our exclusive approach meets your needs. At Chilli we ensure that what is covered in the room meets the exact need of those people within the room.

You’ll learn how to present with impact, elevate skills from wherever they are currently and find those percentage improvements to give the most outstanding presentations you’ve ever delivered.

Our Presenting Skills training workshops are highly experiential to get you back in the flow if it has been a while, or give you the confidence to get going with skills you didn’t realise you had.

As well as providing tools to structure your message effectively, we focus on the presentation psychology to instil belief and confidence in the ability to deliver that message with impact.

Who is it for?

  • Salespeople – Position your solution and pitch with confidence
  • Account Managers – Influence key stakeholders through the power of your message and gravitas of delivery
  • Advertising/ Marketing - Increase impact and commitment to your idea or concept
  • Project managers – Communicate your plan in a clear and engaging manner
  • Finance team – present your “numbers” that are understandable and resonate with everyone
  • Technical team - explain complex ideas in a simple, clear way
  • Senior Leaders – Increase your gravitas and impact when presenting to large groups

    Here’s one of our expert Presentation Skills facilitators; Steve Darlington, sharing some actionable tips to help you deliver powerful presentations and will give you a flavour of some of our workshop content:

    #1 - Mindset

    #2 - Managing Nerves

    #3 - Getting Clear On Your Message

    #4 - How to Structure Your Presentation

    #5 - Driving Home the Message

    #6 - Your Delivery Style


    Our flexible and specialised approach to leadership training, and enthusiasm for all things sales, gives us that extra spice and flavour you’ve been missing from your training and development experience.

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    ‘Really useful workshop for me to able to take back to work and even outside of work. I won’t be fearing presenting anymore. I walked away with more confidence.'
    Director of Business Development, Residential Management

    ‘Engaging and informative. Everything was of use and will benefit me in my day to day role. The best workshop I have ever taken part in!’
    Senior Leader, IT Industry

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