Sales training that breaks the mould

There’s no one way to be a great salesperson. It takes a number of factors - character, process, knowledge, graft. When you get all these right, you’ve made a pretty powerful sales team.

At Chilli, we’ve never believed in a one size fits all approach when it comes to sales performance training. We take into account the different human beings that make up your team, each bringing with them their own unique strengths.

Bringing the heat back to your sales


Light the fire for your sales teams by bringing them their very own bespoke sales development programme. We get it. You need to see a guaranteed return on investment and we’re here to make sure you achieve that.

We’ll work closely with you to find out what makes the sales team tick; getting “under the car bonnet” of your entire sales function - processes, tools, people - everything. We’ll then build a programme fully branded to you and designed to land with every person in the sales team.

Immediate Impact

If you need some quick spice added to your sales, our sales accelerating options are designed to bring you the fast results you need.

We take an online and offline training approach, typically over three months, that boosts your numbers from day one.

These courses are great for any teams who have fallen into a slump, have had the wind knocked out of their sales or been given some mammoth numbers to hit.

Sales Training Builder

You’re busy. We understand. Creating a great training solution can be lengthy. You know what you need and you want to cut to the chase on detail and be clear on budget. Our Sales Training Builder is a world’s first and helps you do just that.

Build your very own programme based on our tried and tested sales training . Not only do you save the time on a consultation, you can arrange a flexible delivery that suits your team and be clear on budget before you even contact us.

Sales Induction Training

Bolster your internal induction and onboarding process to maximise sales motivation and get your team performing at a higher level faster.

Chilli's sales induction training will guide your new teams to reach their full potential, quickly, helping you attract and retain more sales talent.

Ready to add some Spice?

We can't wait to get to know you better as we add the fire and passion to your training and development.

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