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What is it?

The dictionary meaning of negotiation is “a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement” but when we ask regular people how they describe it, they use words like:

Battle of wits
Thrash out

It’s possible that negotiation is one of the earliest human social interactions, essential to working collectively in a “tribe” or group and we can all do it. Yet some people seem to be “naturally” brilliant negotiators and others hate the thought of it.

We believe that negotiation is a human trait that we all have; some people have developed it further through their lives and others have not. Look at any 3 or 4 year old child that wants a certain toy or sweet and they will have a range of negotiating skills they assert on Grandma or Granddad!

Find out how good your team really are at negotiating

To find out how well people in your team negotiate, try this fun quiz. Think about the people in your team, and answer the following 10 questions:

Negotiation Quiz

Why develop negotiating skills?

For most people, the benefits are measured in terms of increased revenue and profit, faster problem resolution and larger budget spends. Yet many people overlook the benefit of negotiation skills when trying to build greater trust for long term partnerships.

The truth is that how you negotiate sets the tone for the whole relationship. At Chilli, we’ve been training negotiators for years - salespeople, purchasing professionals, project managers, customer service managers and senior leaders.

Case Studies

  • Ricky, an account manager for a leading IT company, realised that his approach was losing sales. After training, he was able to rescue a 7-figure deal that he thought was lost, grow the value almost threefold and win the business.
  • Chris, the director of a commercial property firm, realised that he was wasting tens of thousands of pounds settling disputes with tenants. By applying his new skills, he was able to reduce the number of disputes and cut the cost of settlements.
  • Stuart, a HR manager in the fire service, used to dread the annual wage negotiations. They would often drag on for months. After training, he concluded the current year’s negotiations in one afternoon.

Who is this for?

Every person in a corporate role has to negotiate. Internally to gain a pay rise, have a 1-2-1 review with a team member, to gain additional budget or to work cross functionally. Or externally with customers on price, credit terms, T&C’s, supply timescales or project logistics.

Our training primarily fits with groups within a business who have similar challenges, scenarios and ideal outcomes for example leadership teams, project management, HR, Sales, Customer service. This group development enhances shared learning and ongoing team success.

Our negotiation approach

We believe in collaborative negotiation that works towards a specific outcome. We recognise that the personalities involved and our emotion is important; but needs to be managed and balanced with the desired outcome.

The confidence and planning approach of the individual negotiator will be essential to their success; however, there is always the chance of a curveball, so improvisation skills are important “in the moment”.

And finally, the overused approach of bartering, intimidation or “meet in the middle” and shake hands is outdated and much less effective for long term, collaborative working relationships.


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