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As a senior leader, you may focus more on developing your teams skills and behaviours, yet spend little time putting the same development into your own skills.

If we don’t continue to develop ourselves, how can we expect our teams to have the same passion for improvement?

Our Coaching courses have been created to support you while you unlock your full potential.

Be the leader your business needs


If you’re feeling a little stagnant, or stuck with challenging situations, it’s time to stretch your wings a bit. Try something new. Explore where your leadership impact can take you and your business.

Chilli will deliver certified one to one coaching to support you in achieving your personal or commercial goals. Coaching that factors in your objectives, your challenges,your timescales and most importantly, you, the human being.

Building Executive Presence

As leaders, we always want to be making an impact on the people we work with. We do this through every action we take, every word we say, every email we write and every conversation we have.

If you’d like to build your presence and learn sustainable techniques to inspire and motivate your team day after day, work with experienced Chilli executives to make sure you’re hitting the nail on the head every single time.

Sales Strategy

A clear sales strategy is often the key ingredient to a successful sales team. It’s not just about hitting a number, it’s how you get the results that matters. Doing this sustainably, with clear purpose is what your strategy should address.

Creating a strategy that’s tangible and supports the culture of your team is challenging. Chilli provides a range of consultative development support to make sure your strategy aligns with the teams who will face the challenge head on.

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