Building Executive Presence

Inspire. Motivate. Lead.

When you’re a leader, you can only achieve your goals, when your team is fully behind you. Striving to meet mutual goals should be a natural part of your company culture.

Communicating with gravitas and presence is a personal characteristic that can be developed and enhanced.

How can you influence people in your business?

What is it?

Chilli’s Building Executive Presence programme is led by qualified psychology experts. You’ll gain a better understanding of what motivates your team and how your personal presence and character can support them towards the results you need.

Whatever your personal objective, this programme can be enhanced to drive a positive impact from your investment. By the end of the programme, not only do we want you to have great results, we hope you’ll have greater confidence, focus and authentic leadership skills.

Who is it for?

  • Groups of Executive leaders wanting to develop their leadership presence to create positive change
  • Newly promoted leaders who have to develop their leadership style
  • Leaders who want to extend their circle of influence in the organisation
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