The 7 Faces of Effective Management

Explore the wonderfully complex world of First Line Management

7 Faces of effective management video still

Following on from writing a successful article for the Business Expert Press last year, Peter Starr has created a video version of “The 7 Faces of Effective Management”. The article was created for current or new First Line Managers; those managers who may have been really good at their job and then moved into a role where they are responsible for a team.  Often a challenging transition, these short clips give an outline of each of the “Faces” required to be successful, along with tips on how to put them into action.

This is a dip in, dip out or watch the lot collection – however you use it, we’d like you to be inspired to try something different or explore the wonderfully complex world of First Line Management in more detail.  Watch the Seven Faces of Management here 

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