Top 5 Challenges in gaining new business

1. Where to start – data!

Should you buy data or build data – depends on your resources and time available.  Once you have your data, then what do you do with it?  Work from top to bottom is one way.  We like to be more strategic about it.  Decide your ideal customer (based on geography, industry, sector etc), what they need and how you can add value to their business.  Plan your resources to maximise these opportunities and then be relentless in your pursuit!

2. LinkedIn Contacts

Seems to be a shift in business use of LinkedIn - possibly because of sales people pursuing every director listed.  If you are blindly approaching people based on their profile, you are restricting your success rates.  Think quality not quantity; gain the right contacts in your ideal customer through your existing network or personalizing your messages or speaking on the phone and then asking permission to connect.

3. Gatekeepers

Wonderful job role they have – they are supposed to shield the decision maker from the seller.  Be respectful to them as they have a tough job to do – treat them like a human and build rapport accordingly.  If you have done your research appropriately, then give a valid business reason for contact – again link customer need to your value.  It may take several calls but if they are your ideal customer, then it is worth the effort.

4. Align your business properly

Is your website user friendly and attractive to prospective customers?  Does every person within your business know what and how to deal with a new customer who comes to you?  Are your telesales aligned with your field sales, aligned with your operations, aligned with your marketing?  A shared focus on new customers will ensure an outstanding customer experience at every touch point.

5. Use your existing customer network

You have great customers already – otherwise you wouldn’t have a business.  Ask your best customers if they can link you into contacts in other businesses.  Ask for testimonials and case studies using them appropriately to attract new customers to you.  The power of social proof is strong.  Use the anecdotes of success when conversing with gatekeepers or trying to secure that elusive appointment.

These are just some of the challenges and ways to overcome them. For more insights and to motivate your sales teams, drop us a line to see how we can help unlock your potential.  

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