Top 5 Sales director problems

1. The slate is clean – sales team motivation

All scores have been reset to zero and the sales team have a mountain to climb.  Some sales people will have held onto business from the previous year to start this year well (sandbagging!); others may have brought forward business.  Either way, the team needs to be focused on what they are selling, to who and how – and then have the motivation to drive forward.

2. Top down budgeting

Your sales forecast goes in, the FD/MD/CEO then gives a larger number coming down.  Based on what you have done previously you are not sure where the increase in target is going to come from (and neither do your team).  Time for a rethink and investment now whilst you have a full 12 months to influence it.

3. Competitive marketplace

Margins are being squeezed - it is a competitive world where there is always someone doing it cheaper.  Time for your sales people to focus on the value you add and to maintain confidence and resilience when engaged in price pressures.

4. End of year panic

Did you finish the end of last year strong and hold onto some sales ready for April 1st?  Or did you fill your customers warehouse with 2 months of stock so you could make the numbers up at the end of the year?  If so, then you may be faced with a slow start to the year which in 12 months will be a problem again.  Time to think differently about your approach so you aren’t in the same situation again next year.

5. Strategic sales

What is your plan for 2017/18?  Who are your key customers, where are the threats and opportunities, what can you do to build up stronger customer partnerships?  All questions that we can help you with from a director level down to the individual account manager.

If you're concerned about managing these problems and finding the opportunities within them, we're here to help! Please get in touch to find out about the services we offer to get the best out of you and your team this year. 

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