Top tips for end of year sales success

Top tips to maximise company sales in quarter 4

Autumn is a time of transition and a great time of year to set new goals for yourself; the children are back to school and businesses return to some normality after the summer holidays. Final quarter of the calendar year (Q4) sales are top of the agenda with many companies setting or realigning goals and making decisions designed to finish the year strong and to start 2019 off with a bang.

For some businesses, the Christmas period is make or break for their entire year and the next 3 months are critical. For others, September to November are active and then December falls into a black hole of “let’s do this in the New Year” responses from clients.

If you’re on track going into Q4 – congratulations! If not (or you just want more) there is still plenty of time between now and 31st December, so use it wisely and maximise your performance with some of our tips!

1. Review the past year

Look back at your plan for the year. How did it go? As well as looking at what’s still left to achieve, also focus on the things that you have achieved and be proud of it! It’s easy to over look these things during the day to day grind.

2. Quarterly sales plan

You have a year plan but do you have a quarter by quarter plan? Or even a month by month plan? Create a detailed plan to help you reach your end of year targets.

3. Understand your customers buying process

Purse strings and budgets tighten this time of year so ensure you fully understand your customers buying process to. Do you offer an investable opportunity? Understand what your clients want and articulate the benefits of your services. Your clients must feel that the return they receive is greater than the investment.

4. Speed up the process

You probably know which clients take time to make decisions. Build up the need for your product or service and create excitement or urgency to act now rather than wait. What difference will it make to your customer if they use you now or in January 2019? Quantify it with a ROI if you can!

5. Sales funnel

Now is a great time to clean up your contact list and data and review all your leads throughout the year. You never know, you may have missed a crucial sale.

6. Don’t reinvent the wheel

Q4 is not the time for a major re launch. It’s time for focused selling!

7. Plan for Q1

By carefully planning your Q4 you will provide yourself with important information to help plan for the new year.

8. The season of goodwill

Although Christmas is one day the celebrations and the cost can last a lot longer. Ensure you plan in goodwill gestures, bonuses and social celebrations with your teams.

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