Case Study

High turnover of sales team

Reducing sales staff turnover

The Problem

We were introduced to a FMCG company with a sales team of approximately 150 field representatives, that was struggling to retain new and existing sales people. In the 12 months prior to them undertaking the project with us at Chilli Pepper, 56 sales people left the business. Approximately 80% (45) of these leavers had joined the organisation within that 12 month period.

This high turnover of sales staff had a huge impact on the organisation. Vast amounts of time and expense was being incurred in recruiting and onboarding new staff, along with the reduced sales activity within vacant territories arising from a lack of sales staff, especially experienced sales people. 

The Solution

We went into the company to understand the issues that they faced, and to explore solutions with them. We created a recruitment, onboarding and development process that involved revised job profiles, interview training for sales managers, structured induction and a 6-month onboarding plan for all new recruits. Whilst these new processes were being put in place and established, we supported the organisation in doing so. 


In contrast to the previous year when 56 sales people left the company, the year we delivered this project, only 18 sales people left their roles. Previously 80% of leavers were those that had started in the previous 12 months; through the new measures put in place, this was reduced to 50%.

The HR and Finance teams at the company calculated an estimated saving to the organisation in the region of £250k within that year as a result of the reduction in sales team turnover and the huge upturn in staff retention.

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