Case Study

New product launch challenges

Dealing with the sales challenges of a new product launch

The Problem

An industrial chemical company had launched a new product into the market and were disappointed with their sales results.  New product launches were a rare opportunity within this company, and were sold into an established industry. They struggled to gain traction with new customers and their sales team were dis-engaged and unmotivated to sell the new technology. We were asked to investigate solutions to their product launch difficulties. 

The Solution

Chilli Pepper developed an internal engagement plan followed by coaching, skills and technical learning, which was delivered to sales and other relevant teams, both in the field and in the classroom. Once the relevant internal functions were aligned, we developed the macro and micro sales strategy for the following 12 months. All along, we were engaging with key stakeholders and tailoring our training and other support, depending on the business and sales team needs.


Prior to our involvement, the previous 18 months had resulted in new sales of 14 units with 3 being removed after a trial period. The 9 months following the project yielded sales of 48 units with 8 being removed after trial. These additional 29 units generated an estimated £130,000 of revenue per year and the sales teams were more motivated and confident in the organisation's ability to launch new products and new technology.

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