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Saint Gobain PAM

Saint-Gobain PAM
Leading PAM into the Future

Bringing the Executive Team closer together, ready for the challenges ahead

The Challenge

PAM UK is manufacturing business and part of the Saint-Gobain group. They had a number of newly appointed executive team members and a challenging year ahead.

As a newly formed team they recognised the need to more deeply understand each other.

Enabling them to work better together as a team and to make collaborative decisions; preparing them to lead the business through organisational change.

The Solution

We designed an off-site team day to:

  • Enable the team to better understand themselves and one another
  • Understand how to lead through change and maintain positive momentum
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to re-set and recharge as individuals

The day focused on their ability to choose and influence; uncovering and overcoming what holds them back; and an opportunity to coach each other through real challenges.

We collaborated with a specialist provider of Horse-Led learning to create a hugely different environment and learning experience. Elevating self-awareness and personal boundaries, as well as some fun to boost creative thinking.


A key theme that came from the day was trust;

  • the team needed to be trusted in,
  • to trust each other,
  • to trust themselves,
  • and trust their teams.

The style of the day generated open and honest conversation about individual and team challenges and how to overcome them.

Their team dynamic, psychological safety and ability to collaborate increased hugely as a result of the day and has continued back in the workplace with a more effective team decision making capability.

“The team came away feeling enlightened, and not just about our newfound horse whispering skills! From mastermind coaching to standing in a field debating tactics, it was a jampacked rollercoaster of a day ” Vicky Haynes; Head of People & Culture”

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