Getting the foot on the gas and delivering sales results quickly

Sales functions to drive new business and increased revenue

We are so close to restrictions being fully lifted (fingers & toes crossed) and most sales teams are set to return to a version of business as usual soon.

With this return, organisations will be looking to the sales functions to drive new business and increased revenue. It is likely we may have some bedding in time over the summer, however, that honeymoon period (if it happens at all), will be over by September.

As a sales leader you may be needing to put the foot back on the gas for the final quarter of the year to catch up on missed sales or set you up for a positive Q1 in 2022.

If you need to accelerate revenue and profit within your team, then consider your strategy now as to how you will do this effectively and sustainably.

Here are 5 steps to consider:

Clear Focus

Step away from the noise. To accelerate results it is important to focus on the things that matter most to your business. Don’t embark on lots of new initiatives within the business; keep the team clear on the needs of the business and align everyone to achieving that goal.

Clear performance metrics

Keep KPI’s simple and clearly aligned to the success you want.  Give flexibility to individuals to “own” their activity, along with the guaranteed buy in from that autonomy.  Ensure your managers are supported on how to measure and support performance consistently and fairly.

“Your team will respect, what you inspect”

Clear dialogue

In a period of accelerated growth, clear dialogue between the field and the leadership is essential.  Things change fast and if you do not hear about a block in the chain of success for a week or two, then the momentum and lost sales can be hard to recover. Keep the right level of motivating and open dialogue to keep your finger on the pulse of progress.

Share best practices

Getting the basics right is important. Success will derive from ensuring best practices are adopted by all time members in an inclusive and supportive way. Working openly and sharing best practice constantly as part of a team or work-based community, will reap the benefits for you in the numbers.

Celebrate successes

No matter how big or small. Celebrate and praise all the wins! When we acknowledge the progress made as a team and share the victories, we motivate our teams to continue to achieve. Recognise both the behaviours of sales success as well as the hard metrics of closed sales.

The pressure for sales leaders is rarely far away and whether you need to maintain growth or fill in deficits from the lost sales of lockdown, you will be judged on your capability to motivate, strategise and lead your team to success.

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