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"Culture eats strategy for breakfast".

Your leadership culture will directly impact the performance of every team member. A strong leadership team in a department will make all the difference to the success of your team.

Don’t forget, leaders are employees too. Invest in them. They’ll invest in you.

Bringing the heat to your leadership

Chilli Leadership Programme

Our Leadership philosophy is based firmly in what works now, not what worked 20 years ago. We’ll help you to find the balance to lead with empathy, get results, create and retain sales winners and develop your best people.

Working with Chilli, you’ll identify your strengths and areas of improvement as a leader. You’ll learn applicable techniques that will improve not only your performance but the performance of the wider sales team.

Leadership Coaching

When you start a new role, it’s easy to feel like you have all the gear and not a lot of idea. Equally, you may need to get out of a rut or find an answer to your current leadership challenges.

That’s where Chilli’s leadership coaching comes in. You’ll receive one to one coaching designed to enable you to fulfil your potential in your leadership role; whether that’s improving your approach to difficult conversations, being an inspirational motivator or refining your performance management techniques.

Strategic Interventions

You have your strategy in place but you’ve hit a roadblock or see that there is a business critical fix needed. You need a fast and effective solution.

If you need to redirect the focus of your team and require a strategic fix that’s going to get the results you want, Chilli have created a number of tried and tested interventions that are ready to be put into action in your business.

Tactical Support

Specific problems need specific answers. If you’ve identified learning needs, we can support that; managing performance, appraisals, effective meetings, interview skills, you name it. We can do it.

If it’s become clear that your team is almost there but needs that extra push in a certain area, some tactical support from Chilli can get you over the line.

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