Tactical support – because things don’t always go to plan

Tactical Support

It’s not always about a total overhaul. Sometimes you just need a specific solution to a specific problem and then the thing holding you back is gone.

The Chilli team have a wealth of experience in a range of commercial roles. We can bring our tactical experience with us to help you iron out the kinks in your sales performance.

What is it?

During your tactical support, Chilli will provide a range of methods that will cover the smallest of details and processes in your sales cycle and team performance. Putting these tools into practise could make all the difference to your overall performance.

Sometimes it’s changing the smallest details that has the biggest impact.

Who is it for?

  • You’ve identified a management skills refresh is needed e.g. for performance reviews
  • You are embarking on a recruitment drive and your managers have clear skill gaps
  • You have a business critical team that is underperforming and they need support
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